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Welcome to, the homepage of Paul Madary!  After about 20 years of doing nothing with the site, I’ve finally started to update it. That said, it’s not a top priority so this may be a SSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW process. If you’re wondering what’s new on the site, either check the “New Stuff” section (which no longer exists) below for what’s new on, or e-mail me using the Contact Us page and I can personally give you the inside scoop around here.

Here’s a plug for my favorite charity making a huge difference online called The gist of it is that you lend money in increments of $25 to entrepreneurs in developing countries; they repay the money on a monthly basis and you receive 100% of your money back in the end. What’s so great about this is that you’re helping people pull themselves out of poverty in a sustainable way. Once they’re out, they can help their family, friends, and neighbors do the same thing, and you can take your money and reloan it to the next person in need of help.

Cheeseheads for Change Logo

The general concept is called microfinance and was pioneered by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh. I’ve been an active member on Kiva since 2006 and think it’s a great charity / endeavor. I’ve recently started a group on Kiva called Cheeseheads For Change where friends, Packer fans, and other Wisconsinites can join forces. If you have any questions let me or and I’d be glad to answer them.