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If you need help figuring out what information to provide, see the “Overview of Madary Directory contact data” section at the bottom of this page below the contact form for more information.

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Overview of Madary Directory contact data:

  • Contact header – free form text that can be set to any value. It can use either your legal name, nickname, or whatever you prefer. (ex. “Helen & Paul Madary”, “Jim Madary & Jane Rickhoff”, “Charles Madary” or “Charlie Madary”, “The man, the myth, the legend Jim Belanger and his better half Andrea”)
  • Name – includes First, Middle & Last Name (these would be the individual’s legal name), Nickname (the name a person typically goes by if it’s not the same as their first name – ex. “Jim”, “Jerry” or “Jean” where Aunt Jean’s first name is “Helen”, her middle name is “Jean” and she goes by “Jean”) , Maiden Name, Suffix (i.e. “II”, “III”) – only the First and Last Name are required (example format: {FirstName} ‘{Nickname}’ {MiddleName} ({MaidenName}) {LastName} {Suffix} = “Helen ‘Jean’ Jean (Madary) Belanger IV”)
  • Birth Date and Death Date – currently they both need to be full dates including the day/month/year if supplied. This allows me to calculate ages and sort the dates in the “Birthdays & Anniversaries” list properly
  • Wedding Anniversary Date – currently needs to be a full date including the day/month/year if supplied
  • Address(es) – includes a Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and a Description – only Line 1 is required. If you have multiple addresses, they can all be included (ex. “Home”, “Second Home”, “Cabin”). If a child (or anyone else) lives somewhere without a mailing address, that can be included as well (ex. “South Dakota University”, “Old Joliet Prison”). If a child lives at home with their parents, their address can be noted as “Home” and a generic description will be included for them such “Residing with parents”
  • Phone Number(s) – If you have multiple phone numbers, please include a Description of who the phone number belongs to and/or what it’s for (ex. “Paul’s Cell”, “Home”, “Rose’s Work”)
  • Email(s) – Please indicate which email address(es) [if any] you want to be included on the “Madary Email Distribution List”. The list can be found by clicking on the “EMAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST” button on the top of the Madary Directory page and is meant to provide a way to quickly send a message to everyone in the family that wants to be notified. If you have multiple email addresses, please include a Description of who the email address belongs to and/or what it’s for (ex. “Paul’s Work Email”, “Rose’s Personal Email”)
  • Social Media – list any social media accounts you’d like family members to connect to you with such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter/X, YouTube, etc. If you have multiple social media accounts, please include a Description of who the account belongs to and/or what platform it is (ex. “Paul’s LinkedIn”, “Paul & Rose’s Facebook”, “Snappychat”)
  • Website(s) – list any websites or Url’s related to yourself you’d like to share with the family (“”, “”). Include a Description if the link isn’t self explanatory
  • Burial site – includes a Description, AddressLine1, AddressLine2, Plot, Website(s) and GPS Coordinates – only a description or AddressLine1 are required. Description would include the name of the cemetery (ex. “Forest Home Cemetery”, “St Anne’s Episcopal Church”), AddressLine1 & 2 represent the street address of the cemetery, the Plot includes either the plot number and/or a description of where to find the grave in the cemetery and Website(s) would be a Url to an online record such as an obituary/grave record along with a description explaining what the website contains. GPS Coordinates represent the latitude and longitude of the exact location of the grave (ex. “45.088336509832736,-87.63676086686743”)
    • To find the GPS coordinates, go to, navigate and zoom into to the exact location of the grave, right-click on the location, in the pop-up menu the coordinates should be the top item, click on the coordinate and the exact location will be copied to the clipboard
  • Notes – a catchall bucket for additional information that didn’t fit nicely in the fields above. This is a free-form text field that displayed additional information at the bottom of the contact record
  • Hidden Notes – if there are other details we want to save about an individual that isn’t displayed on the website, it can be stored in the Hidden Notes field. So far I’ve used this to keep track of addresses and phone numbers of family members that have passed away